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Nicole Zuelke

Katy O'Neel

Nicole Zuelke is an American actress and model known for her ability to fill a diverse range of roles related to fitness and the outdoors. Using her experience as an avid rock climber, markswoman, equestrian and yoga practitioner. Nicole has appeared in numerous campaigns that focus on active lifestyles for Levis's, The North Face, Cabela's, Reebok, Nike, ASICS, Stetson, Athleta, Mad Rock, Kashi, Henry Rifles, Taylor Firearms, Double D Ranch, King Ranch Saddle Shop, and Lucchese.



Adam Newberry was born and raised in mid-Michigan, and since early childhood, displayed a strong gravitation towards all things creative. If he wasn't outside playing, you would often find him hunkered down with a

pencil, ...drawing comic books or dreaming up some outrageous story. He carried that creative spirit into adulthood and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Central Michigan University. Painting and drawing may have been his original concentration, but his interest and love of story telling eventually led him to acting, writing and producing. He currently resides in Arizona with his family, both living and chasing a life full of passion and creativity.



As an actor, Sean has appeared in over 98+ commercials and 50+ films and 17 national television series. He’s had network television appearances on Operation REPO, Discovery ID, Buried in the Backyard, The NightShift, Longmire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This is Us, There’s Johnny, Yellowstone & Better call Saul! He has acted alongside Kevin Costner, Tony Danza, Jane Seymour, Patrick Duffy, Andy Samberg, and more...

Sean is known as one of the finest improvising performers today. He was featured as a finalist and winner on the television show, America’s Funniest People, where ABC television producer Stephanie Keane sited him as,” another Robin Williams”.

Richard anderson


Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Richard Anderson is a veteran stage performer who began his acting career in 1984 at the age of 9 on the stages of Montreal. He attended The Young People's Shakespeare Company founded by Christine Stewart Kierans. At age 22, during the Referendum and threat of Quebec's separation, Anderson decided to take advantage of his dual citizenship and relocated to Phoenix Arizona.

heather swaim


Heather is a 4th generation native born and raised in Arizona. She has been involved with horses her entire life. She owns 6 quarter horses and enjoys riding them in the hills with the dogs and kids. She’s been acting her entire life and has a passion for filmmaking and making movies.




Laine grew up in Phoenix, but headed north to Arizona’s beautiful pine country. Her first Director was her much loved and admired Father. She was his shadow as he taught her to ride and care for her horse and shouted out encouragement and direction as they made their way around the barrels in Junior Rodeo competitions. Her acting history includes various theater roles both dramatic and comical. .  

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