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Ask yourself this…"What is this script truly about?”

Is it about revenge? Or Mortality? Is it a film about existentialism? Or a brooding rebel without a cause? Figure out your story, and use that to write the script.


Make a pledge to the audience at the beginning of the film. Try to get the viewers attention in the first 1-5 minutes of the movie. The best way to do this is with a conflict. It is smart to always build an anticipation for the future, and a good conflict will keep the audience glued to their seat. Engage your audience in the first couple moments of the film in order to create suspense and curiosity. Promise the audience that you are going to show them something interesting. Conflicts are always interesting. If you do this, you can’t go wrong (especially because there is no wrong). There is only un-interesting. And conflict is very interesting.

Stories are powerful because they plant emotions, ideas, lessons, and fresh thoughts into our head. A good story can bring people together. Focus on making a story that elicits emotion.

Collaborate with actors, friends, and the producers. I like to make movies with people that I consider close friends. The majority of the actors and crew that I work with have been working with me for years. I always bring them on board when I am vetting a script.

I will wrap up by saying this… Make sure, before you get started filming, that you have a remarkable script. A good story is the foundation to making a great film. The script is the King, and the movie is it’s kingdom.

"What is this script truly about?”

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